Professional Systems Ltd

Software for those who want to get on with business

Who we are

Professional Systems specialises in point of sale software
  • We know the needs of New Zealand retail businesses.
  • We have been providing software to businesses in New Zealand since 1986 and retail POS software since 1998.
  • We work closely with our customers to make sure the software does what they want. In a manner that is easy to use.
  • Our software comes with all the modules required to be fully operational. Others can be added as your needs change.
  • The software is easy to use and can be set up quickly.
  • Have satisfied customers. From full service to rapid response/quick service.
  • Know what's selling well. And who your productive cashiers are.
  • If you live in the Whangarei District between Hikurangi and Kaiwaka, and buy any of the Retail/POS software systems we will come to your place and install. No extra charge.
  • With integrated EFTPOS - certified for DPS Payment Express and EFTPOS NZ (EFI - interface), Ingenico two-way (i5100, icT220, icT250, iWL252).
  • Decrease errors by using integrated EFTPOS.
  • Comprehensive stock management. Items can be set up to track inventory levels and prevent pilfering.
  • The following modules can be added to the base system.
  • Back office invoicing and customer management fully integrated with your front office.
  • Customer management and contacts. Regular customers can be set up and invoiced from the POS. Including regular customer discounts.
  • Staff sales can be reported on. So you can run an incentive scheme if you wish.
  • Generate orders from the POS. No more wondering what someone's handwriting is telling you.
  • Integrated customer booking. If the hospitality module is installed then table booking is enabled.
  • Workshop and fleet management.

Professionals Retail Business

The complete point of sale for the changing business

Includes Professionals Retail Back Office for customer management. The cost-effective way of integrating your shop to your financial records, inventory and customer management.

Customer bookings for those who provide services - mechanics, computer servicing, hair salons, or any other retail outlet that provides services as well as sales. Table bookings and management when the Hospitality module is installed.

Save on hardware costs - we don't restrict you to a specific set of hardware.

Supplier operations and orders.

Payment types.

Payments can be split between cash and credit card, and for multiple credit/EFTPOS cards.

EFTPOS, credit cards, cheque, cash, coupons, invoices, traveller's cheques (if you ever see one).

Designed to operate on Windows-based touch screens.

Handles goods returns, credits and cash outs.

Set up your own gift coupons and track redemptions. Create your own loyalty scheme to encourage repeat customers.

From the POS you can accept invoice payments and record them against the client's debtor record.

Multiple pricing options.

Manually alter the price, set discounts (including volume discounts), sales and specials (groups and individual items). Multi-item discounts.

Set up store, group sales and tax holidays.

Weighing scales

The software supports the Sensortronics CAS PD-II and AP-1 (price computing), Ohaus Aviator 7000 and Wedderburn DS866 checkout scales.

Simple end of day cashup

Match POS sales with your EFTPOS provider's totals.

Simple - no more need to calculate end of day cashup. Let the software do it for you.

Includes a cash calculator to speed up reconciliation.

Stock management.

Comprehensive stock management so the inventory level will always be accurate.

Create new inventory items from the POS. Front counter allows a negative inventory level.

The inventory can be configured for book shops, clothing stores and secondhand shops.

Import price lists. Ask us or install the demonstration version to see what can be used.

Supports bar code scanners - EAN13, ISBN, or UPC codes.

Brother QL-series, Dymo LabelWriter 400 series and Zebra LP label printers supported.

Full stock take utility.

Customer management

To help keep your customers happy complete stock orders from Front Counter. A record is kept of stock on order.

Customer billing may be carried out from the cashier workstation using Front Counter.

Arrange reminder notices and timetable bookings. Use email to send notices of specials and actions due.

Organise customer bookings, registrations and warranties and arrange reminders.

Laybys, warranties and product registration.

Laybys processing can be carried out, quickly and simply, from the POS. Arrange warranties and product registrations.

Use product registrations to track what your customers have purchased, when, and whether they're covered for warranty. Send reminders of activity such as preventive maintenance.


Cashier security and cash control.

Track who sold what. So you'll always know who is the most productive cashier. Set limits to discounts, price changes, refunds and who can open the till ("No sales").

Detailed cashier security log so you can check who did what and when.

Sales reports.

Real time sales reports: Stock turn, cashier sales/audit, item sales, invoiced sales, warranties, lay bys.

Receipt printers and cash drawers.

Works with any Windows-based USB/serial port receipt printers and cash drawers. The printer must have a printer driver. If in doubt contact us. Works with 60mm or 80mm receipt rolls.

Format receipts.

Supports both 80mm or 60mm wide printer rolls. Include sales return/warranty information.

Add your own logo to sales receipts.

Credit notes/Refunds.

Generate credit notes at the same time as items are returned to the inventory. Optionally issue cash refunds.

To purchase any of the Professionals series.